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Saturday, November 3, 2007

"How To Generate Stampedes Of Instant Traffic From One Simple Technique"

Listen up if you want an almost instant solution to your traffic problems.I'm going to show you one simple technique to increase the traffic to your websites or affiliate programs, which will make you more money immediately.It's called expired domain names.If you have not even been considering this area of traffic generation before, I urge you to at least look at it now.Expired Domain Traffic:This is a HUGE business. Have you heard of the 'legendary' Ultsearch who is quietly making 6 figures A DAY from this one method alone?What he does is to register millions of expired domains WITH existing traffic and link popularity and point them to his sites for acquiring pay-per-click affiliate revenue.It's all a numbers game but while you wouldn't want to register so many expired domains like Ultsearch, you can still profit from just a few core traffic-filled expired domain names.Here's how you can check for expired traffic...Visit where you can both find daily expired, on-hold domains or do a 'power search' for those relating to your keywords.With your new list, you need to perform three important checks to determine their traffic level.First step is to visit you can easily check these domain names for their traffic ranking level. The lower the number the better (Yahoo is currently ranked at number 1).Next you'll want to check on the expired domains' link popularities. You should start grabbing related expired domains with huge existing link networks as it shows these domains had developed websites before they expired.Link popularity can be derived from services such as method is to perform a 'back link' check from the search engines. For example, go to and type in the phrase "link:expireddomainurl".An expired domain with good link popularity and Alexa ranking will mean it's still catching good targeted traffic.Now, go to and enter your selected expired domain. You'll be able to find out whether the expired domain name had a previous website developed, as cached all websites' content and pages.An expired domain with a developed website increases the probability that marketing was done and traffic was driven to that website.The above steps will help you make informed decisions about registering expired domains.You can register domains for less than $10 each at: the right expired domain names, you're able to literally cash in from other people's effort.Imagine taking over the domains of high-traffic developed websites without you having to spent months building it up.You can profit almost immediately from your new expired domains by redirecting them to your website, affiliate programs, pay-per-click services, etc.Or make a bundle selling them on eBay or domain auction sites like http://www.Afternic.comHere's an example of an expired domain name I registered which is already paying off:'s a no-brainer.

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