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Saturday, September 29, 2007

“Top 10 Tips For Generating Big Traffic To Your Blog Today”

Let’s face it, blogs (or weblogs) are getting incredibly popular amongst people with an internet connection due to the ease and practicality of setting one up.Despite this however, there is no value in having a blog if no one is visiting and reading it!Therefore, it is important to know exactly how to drive traffic to your blog if you desire to increase your readership or monetize it.To do that, here are 10 quick tips to generating more traffic to your blogs:
Tip 1: Reciprocal Linking
One of the most proven ways to gain targeted traffic is to exchange links with other bloggers or site owners. This is a task which requires a little work – by sending an email request for a link exchange with a few follow ups but the results are worth it.Another linking method is to simply write a testimonial for a product you have purchased. If your testimonial is good, product owners will usually publish it on their sales page with your blog URL included.If you want to skip the traditional way of exchanging links and go for the easier way, you can automate the process with various software and services found on the net. Just do a search at and you will have a list of these.
Tip 2: Blog Commentaries
Do you know that your comments also have high potential in generating targeted traffic to your blog and is an effective linking strategy?All you have to do is find a blog related to your niche and post your comments. At the end of your comments you can include a link back to your blog, this way people who are interested will be able to visit your blog as well. However you should never misuse this to spam other blogs.
Tip 3: Blog Directories
Blog directories are similar to search engines just that they cater only to searches for blogs. It is advisable to submit your blog to the major directories, some of which include, and, there are many blog services like which you can use to ping your blog. Pinging your blog notifies the service that you’ve updated your blog. These services will then publish your new posts and you get traffic from interested readers and search engines.
Tip 4: Writing Articles
This is one of the best ways of pulling targeted, steady and long-term traffic to your blog. By writing your own articles and submitting them to article directories, you can invite a lot of targeted visitors to your blog.In order to generate traffic by writing articles, you need to include your resource box at the end of every article you have written. The resource box is where you promote and introduce your website or blog.To truly maximize your results, you need a system to create, submit and leverage off your articles easily. One of the best available is seen at
Tip 5: Writing Press Releases
Press release is a very effective way of generating instant traffic to your blog. Although press releases only pull in short-term traffic, they can work very well if you continuously write and submit press releases regularly while monetizing the traffic is one of the oldest and most trusted sources for news distribution on the web. Or you can use an automated press release service like to do the work for you quickly.
Tip 6: Start A Blog Mailing List
The phrase “the money is in the list” is true in all businesses. If you want to succeed online, you must start building your own list of targeted subscribers. You can send your subscribers to your blog anytime you have new posts.By the same token, you can also get your blog readers to subscribe to a ‘blog update’ list which can be used to notify them when you have updated your blog. REPEAT traffic through returning visitors is a key traffic strategy and you can control that with this method.
Tip 7: Publishing Your Own Ezine
You can also provide your subscribers with useful information in several series with an autoresponder. An ezine is often called an online magazine. By publishing your own ezine, you are able to attract readership to your blog when you advertise it in your ezine.
Tip 8: Pay For Traffic
If you have a good monetization strategy for your blog through affiliate programs, Google Adsense and a mailing list, you should consider using paid advertising to drive traffic to your blog.Recommended options include pay-per-click advertising, ezine advertising and huge banner exposures.
Tip 9: Giving Out Free Reports
Give out free viral reports to promote your blog. Providing useful information in your free reports can trigger your readers’ interest to know more about you and your websites. More information on this tactic can be found at
Tip 10: Niche Discussion Boards
Discussions boards or forums can deliver targeted traffic to your blog. If you have a blog about gardening, try searching for a related niche forum with huge traffic to participate in.
Most forums will usually allow you to include a signature file where you can write a few sentences of words. You can invite people to visit your blog through the signature file by posting more regularly.
In conclusion, realize that getting traffic to your blog should not be viewed as a one time effort. Commit and focus on a long-term strategy in order to succeed. It is all about gaining momentum.
Once you get a decent amount of traffic to your blog, you will attract more visitors to it everyday as you work on it. As time goes by, you will have an amazing amount of traffic to your blog which you never thought was possible!Online

"7 Ways To Convert Your Traffic Into Cash"

If you have a website, you can profit from even the tiniest number of visitors it receives simply by not wasting that traffic.The KEY is in leveraging on each visitor and making sure you have a monetization strategy in place. Once you get this, you can make any website profitable with a little effort.Here are 7 basic ways in which you can profit from your traffic today:

1. Sell a product/serviceFirst

you can sell a product or service to your visitors. This is the best way to cash in from your own product. Usually an e-book or software works the best – they can be downloaded right away without hassle and shipping charges.

2. Opt-In list

It is crucial you try to convert every visitor of yours to a subscriber of your mailing list. The most important asset that an Internet marketer has is his or her list of subscribers. They define whether you will go far in the online business venture.With an opt-in list, there are tons of ways you can profit further into the future. You can build repeat customers and turn your list members into partners for your products. For an example of a good opt-in page, visit

3. Viral marketing

You can provide a free product or bonus on your site to be downloaded by your visitors. Usually it’ll be an e-book where people can read from and learn useful information. In this bonus, you include give away rights and urge readers to give it away to anyone they want to. This way, you increase your own traffic, publicity and branding without needing to spend a cent.

4. 'Pay-per-click'

In this case, you get paid when your visitors click on ads you place on your site. There are many advertising programs that give you a percentage of the profits based on click through, including Google Adsense, Chitika, Yahoo Publisher Network and Kontera.When people click on the ads shown from either of these advertising programs, you will earn money. And if your site receives good traffic, these programs alone can bring in huge paychecks to you.

5. Offer an advertising space

Targeted niche websites with high traffic can 'rent' a portion of space on their web page to advertisers. For example you can charge $300 per month in advertising fee if your web page is pulling more than 2000 visitors a day. I use this strategy at my Online Marketing Secrets blog at than that, you can also generate advertising revenue using exit pop-ups. By doing this, you won't clutter your website with too many ads and spoil the visitor's experience.

6. Affiliate marketing

If you don’t have your own products for sale yet, you can sell other people’s products instead and receive a commission on every sale. With affiliate marketing, you have an unlimited source of products to sell and you don’t need to go through any fulfillment issues after your sales.One of the best affiliate marketing training resources can be found at where I provide continual education on affiliate marketing to members.

7. Pay-per-lead

Instead of earning money from click through, you are paid if your visitors subscribe into other people’s mailing list. Alternatively there are a lot of big companies like Coca-Cola who need surveys to be done, and by referring your visitors to complete surveys, you can also earn good profits from your website.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Ten Killer Copywriting Mistakes That Suck Money Out Of Your Sites!"

Are you sick, tired and downright angry at the lousy profits you’re making online from your websites?Listen, if you’re in need of quick and easy ways to blast your sales sky high, then this may be the most important article you'll ever read…Fact is, the absence of powerful cash-churning copy is the single most critical attribute to poor sales. It is the master culprit that is leaking profits from your sites faster than an uncontrollable dam bursting at the seams……meaning, you need to fix these leaks immediately!I’ve narrowed down 10 common copywriting mistakes to avoid like the plague, mistakes sucking money out of your websites right now. So my advise is to fix them before they fix you…Mistake #1: Not Talking To Your MarketCustomers want to know one thing - what they can get from buying and using your products. The “what’s in it for me?” mentality rules.In all seriousness, they don’t give a hoot about you nor your products, only the benefits they will receive. So use more ‘you’ to address your prospects directly in your copy while reducing ‘I’ words…you’re selling to your market, not to yourself here.Similarly, research your target market to understand it’s buying psychology, what you want to find are the hot buttons that make them pull out their credit cards fast.Mistake #2: Not Grabbing Immediate AttentionI still see direct response websites without an obvious opening headline that hits home fast. Big big mistake. You’ve just a few crucial seconds to grab attention and interest in what you offer, so make use of this opportunity to qualify and capture your prospects immediately.State your ultimate benefits in the headline upfront, and make it short, sweet and direct. Ted Nicholas once said that a headline should contain only 17 words or less before it becomes ineffective.Mistake #3: Missing Sub-HeadlinesUse sub-headlines liberally, it’s a very powerful method for adding more fire into your sales copy. At the same time, it breaks down long sales letters for easier reading and strengthens benefits.Sub-headlines can be applied after every 3-4 paragraphs as a tool to reinforce major points and to summarize your ideas.Mistake #4: Draggy Sentence And Paragraph FormatsIt’s advisable to write in shorter sentences and to divide copy into many different paragraphs.As a guideline a paragraph should have only 4-5 sentences focusing on one central point. This enhances absorption rate and similarly enables easier reading and understanding.Mistake #5: Not Having Enough TestimonialsTestimonials are proven selling tools so have more of them in support of your products. Psychologically people will be influenced positively if others, especially recognized experts in your market, endorse your products openly. This is known commonly as the "Law Of Association".The trick is to use testimonials as another vehicle to support your major benefits. To do that testimonials should be descriptive, detailed and facts-oriented.Mistake #6: Not Firing Your BulletsDo use lots of bullets in your copy, and then use some more. Bullets are excellent sales converters which can often decide if you make or break the sale. People read bullets like crazy, so list down your most powerful and detailed benefit statements in them for maximum impact to your bottomline.Mistake #7: Using Negative WordsReduce usage of words with negative emotions as much as possible. Turn negative adjectives into positive experiences. For example don’t say 'complicated' and 'wrong', say 'easy' and 'sure-fire'.While Gary Halbert mentioned how certain negative adjectives in your headline can produce great results, the focus should be only in using them to create outrageous or shocking statements to incite interest, curiosity, anger or fear.An example would be something like :"Do You Make These *Fatal Mistakes* In Your Marketing?"Mistake #8: Lack Of Irresistible OffersAn irresistible offer can contribute at least 25% to the success of your sales copy, and it’s the one thing you may be presently ignoring.For example, create killer offers by piling up the bonuses. Increase the total perceive value of your package by adding audio recordings, video trainings or transcripts. Another technique to try is to position bonuses such that they appear more valuable than the actual product. This is because many times customers will end up buying for the bonuses alone.Mistake #9: Not Asking For The Order!This is so serious it’s not even funny anymore. I’ve seen sites with confusing order instructions after getting everything else right…this is outright criminal and certain profits down the drain.You don’t want to anger or frustrate your customers into leaving your site just when the money’s on the table.State the price clearly and INSTRUCT customers to ‘click here to order now’. Have plenty of order instructions throughout your copy, and make them obvious for goodness sake. You need to tell your customers what to do next, you need to state definite and clear calls to the action you want.Mistake #10: Forgetting To P.S.Have at least two P.S. (post scripts) as they’re often the next most read part of your sales copy after the headline. You wouldn’t want to lose any chance of capturing potential sales here.As a guide, you can use P.S. (1) as a repetition and reinforcement of your headline, and P.S. (2) as a total summary of the package and time-sensitive extra bonuses if any. Just remember to use them.That’s it, what you do now is scan through your web copy and check if you’re making any of these 10 profit-losing mistakes right now.Make changes where you can and I guarantee your response rates will shoot through the roof.

"5 Secret Strategies For Massive Affiliate Success"

Would you want a simple way to make money like crazy, using other people's time, expertise and effort?
If you do, tap onto an online income strategy commonly known as affiliate marketing. It’s where you can reap constant profits without your own product, and without even being an expert in the market you’re promoting to.
However as ideal as affiliate marketing is as a money generating strategy, most affiliates are doing it all wrong. This leads to most of them not making a good enough income to justify belief and motivation.
As a top affiliate marketer, I’ve gone through these same mistakes when I first started out. Here’re some of the RIGHT things to do if you want to sell more affiliate products and become a power (or super) affiliate!
Apply these 5 secret strategies to power-charge your affiliate marketing business and put it on the right track to success. These are especially crucial if you’ve wandered off track unknowingly…
(1) Zoom Right Into The "Hot Zones"
You can’t sell to everybody. Success comes when you’re able to identify and pinpoint the correct market with the purchasing power. Seek a targeted group of people who already wants to buy, and align this to your interest and passion.
Spot these ‘hot zones’ out and sell to them. Simply put, the solution is to zoom into mini markets within the general main market. This is an idea similar to niche marketing except what you want are - sub-niches.
Use a tool like to fire in on the ‘hot zones’ or sub-niches in the market. Look for people who are already looking for products to solve their problems by using qualifiers like ‘learn’, ‘buy’ and ‘find’.
For example, wouldn’t a big market like golfers has ‘hot zones’ like people who are specifically looking for used golf clubs? Do they have the money to buy? Another excellent resource I can think of is AdWord Analyzer which really drills into the heart of these ‘hot zones’. You can find it at
(2) Create Multiple Small Lists To Serve Your "Hot Zones"
All super or power affiliate has his/her own opt-in lists. Marketing to your own lists is like having the power to print money on demand anytime you want.
What I’m saying is: you need to have your own lists.
The trick here again is to build super-segmented lists serving different groups of people who are willing to spend. The more targeted the lists, the more affiliate sales you’ll make.
Here’s a site of mine using this principle in action:
(3) Promote Key-Focused Programs
Similarly you can't promote every program. Power affiliates know how to seek out the best programs, and focused on promoting these key programs.
Create a portfolio of affiliate programs you can depend on. Base your selection process on their product quality, conversion rate, commission structure and reputation (to name a few). Promote these same products repetitively and you’ll get results.
Why? Both you and your prospects will get to know the products better.
One word of advice is to promote only quality products you’ve reviewed or used yourself as nothing’s worth a quick buck if you lose your credibility.
(4) Understanding The Sales Psychology
This is where most affiliates totally miss out on. Have you asked yourself why people buy things? This is crucial, even if you’re marketing to your own lists.
You need to understand the sales psychology behind human behaviours, you need to know your ‘hot zones’ and how to wow your customers. People buy because they need to solve specific problems, fill their wants or experience a emotional ride.
What problems or needs does your market has you can fulfill? Why is this important? Know which hot buttons to press and you can create killer copy to effortlessly sell tons of products, whether by webpage or e-mail.
If you’re a ‘bad’ copywriter and need a system to create winning copy, here’s one tool that can make it much quicker and easier for you
(5) Go for recurring commissions
Effectively leverage your promotions by earning multiple streams of recurring commissions from one-time efforts. Meaning choose to get paid every month even if you stop promoting a particular program. These recurring profits can then be re-invested back into your business for further growth.
Your focus should be on residual affiliate products and services such as:
Internet marketing solutions:
Lead generation :
It’s easy to earn massive affiliate income if you know what to do. Use these 5 secret strategies to kick start your affiliate marketing business into success immediately!

“How To Become A More Effective Marketer In Just Four Steps”

You’re always in the business of marketing no matter what business you are in.Fact is this has become so intimate that personal success is often linked to how well we are able to market ourselves to others. Similarly on the Internet, it’s often how you market that matters most.A good product can fail without the right marketing and a bad product can soar with aggressive marketing! For small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, learning to employ effective marketing strategies has become extremely vital for success.You need to become very good at marketing.When I first started out, this principle was so firmly fixed in my mind I ended up spending thousands in materials monthly. These were well-spent investments for sure, but for most new marketers looking to make money online, such investments may not be a luxury.There are other ‘guerrilla-like’ ways to acquire knowledge and marketing experiences without the regular outflow of money. Anyone can apply the following four steps to gain better marketing skills and knowledge…and become a more effective marketer at no cost:Step One: Learning from other marketersOne of the easiest ways to learn and improve your marketing is by learning from colleagues and competitors in your market. If something’s working, use it as a model as you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.Subscribe to newsletters, courses and ezines from established marketing experts and watch how they market. Read marketing books and guides in your library. You can surely pick up many good tips with this free method.To search for marketing-related newsletters for example, visit ezine directories like, etc.An essential exercise is to study promotional e-mails and sales letters that catch your attention. It’s a powerful way to collect a series of swipe files for your own marketing campaigns.Step Two: Reading articlesThe ultimate no cost education you can find online is really from articles such as this. Do not under-estimate the learning potential from articles just because they are free. Most articles contain usable and valuable information gathered from the writers’ experiences. You can quickly reduce your learning curve from this one resource.You can find articles from on many topics at article directories; here are some for your use: Three: Staying InformedInformation is power so stay informed of important events and discoveries. This empowers your marketing. Do constant research using the search engines, marketing forums, discussion groups, and news site to be updated on marketing-related news.For example one of my favourite sites is DM News focusing on direct marketing:’s a simple method to be kept updated on changes and news regularly on autopilot. Use the free resource provided by Google called “Google News Alerts”...You can get it here by following the instructions to create an account: Four: Keeping It GoingRemember, you’ve to APPLY what you learn to improve. The fastest way to learn anything is by applying the information and doing it. This is why some say information is only power when it’s applied. Something as simple as reading, writing an article or collecting swipe files can be extremely beneficial in the long-term. Practice makes perfect and action creates momentum.Don’t worry about making mistakes. We all will one time or another, just learn from them and move on. Experience is a very valuable teacher, don’t waste it!

“How To Crank Out Million Dollar Product Ideas From Scratch”

Are you currently stuck trying to think up ideas for that million dollar product?
I’ve got a surefire formula to get you unstuck and on the road to generating more profitable product ideas than you can handle.
First, let’s talk about the real reason people hit a blank wall when they start brainstorming. The sad fact is that our brains are a bit lazy. The human mind hates sustained concentration and always seeks the shortest, quickest and easiest path to solving any problem.
When you sit down with pen and paper in hand and ask yourself, “What product do I want to create?”, you’ve just given your brain an overwhelmingly open-ended question…
The problem is that the term ’product” is far too abstract. It includes literally thousands of possibilities. Your mind gets overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to begin. Think of your mind as a young child on a playground. You want to give him a clear set of boundaries. He can play freely and safely as long as he knows your parameters – but set him loose with the command to “do anything”, and he’s likely to run out of your control.
Fortunately, there’s a formula you can use to take control of the brainstorming process… This formula gives your mind something it absolutely loves: order and categorization.
When you use this formula, ideas will come to you automatically. The reason is that you are giving your mind a logical map to branch out from, rather than asking it to start in the middle of nowhere.
Are you ready to learn the formula for churning out million dollar product ideas at will? Here it is:
==> Consumer Class + Product Purpose = Winning Idea!
Each of the above variable represents a set of questions you must answer. Your answers do not lock you into anything. Instead, they create a series of sub categories to guide you in your brainstorming sessions. These sub categories enable you to open up new tightly defined niches the farther you go.
(1) Let’s start with the “Consumer Class” variable...
Who is your consumer? Is he/she:
- An individual?- A small business?- A large business?- An end user at home or at work?- A single product consumer?- A bulk product consumer?
Also ask the question of what your consumer is interested in, and which market niche he/she belongs to.
(2) Now, let’s look at the “Product Purpose” variable...
What is the purpose of this product? Is it:
- Pure information and education?- Aimed at solving a problem quickly and efficiently?- Designed for entertainment?- Factual or fictional?- Text only or will it include software, audio or video?- Complete as is or will it require updates?- Suitable for download or better off rolled into a membership site?
You can even add additional variables to plug into the formula if you want.
Notice how each variable opens up further room for categorization? Let’s say that you chose “a single product consumer” for your consumer class variable, and “fiction” for your product purpose variable. What you really have is a fictional entertainment product. At this point, you have a new map to branch off from.
What comes to mind when you think of a single product consumer? E-books come to mind. Maybe the product should be a work of fiction in e-book format? This sounds good, so now all you have to do is figure out what types of fiction people are actually searching for online…
The next step is to go to and type in some keywords. In this case, I tried out “e-book”, “fiction” and “stories”. It appears that Harry Potter e-books are popular, but you risk copyright infringement on that topic. The number one niche for “fiction” happens to be “fan fiction”. Fan fiction usually involves new story lines (often of an explicit sexual nature) between popular science fiction characters. We’ll pass on that one as well.
However, the keyword “stories” pulls up something interesting: ghost stories! Here’s an area where you could collect a lot of content from the public domain (For tips and secrets on using public domain for profit, you can find excellent information in “Public Domain Riches” at
You could also hire a professional fiction writer from and have him or her put together some ghost stories or old wives’ tales for you…and voila! Instant niche product.
You can come up with other fun ideas within this one niche by continuing to play with the variables. For example, if you repackage the product purpose in the audio-visual category, you might come up with other ideas like:
- A CD or downloadable set of mp3’s containing “spooky sounds”- A set of graphics or screensavers for Halloween- Some novelty software like a virtual ouija board or ghost-hunting game
Now, wasn’t that easy? Four new ideas generated almost instantly and you didn’t even have to break a sweat...just fill in the blanks of this formula and the product ideas pop out like magic!
A powerful way to reap huge profits here is to act on the right ideas fast. Turn million dollar ideas into million dollar products.
If you're stuck with the actual process of product creation, look to proven blueprints like "Create Your Own Products In A Flash" ( or "How To Create Best Sellers Online" (
These will help you churn out profitable products easily in no time!

"Top 5 Secrets To Loading Your Web Site With Traffic Boosting Content!" "Top 5 Secrets To Loading Your Web Site With Traffic Boosting Content!"

Successful webmasters and marketers agree: words rule the web!Nothing beats fresh, keyword rich content for attracting search engine spiders, live visitors and repeat visitors. But there’s just ONE obstacle for the newbie web publisher though…It takes a lot of work to write all the content on your own.Well, the good news is that you don’t have to create all of this content yourself.In fact, you can load up your web site with top notch articles, news, cartoons and a whole lot more when you simply outsource your content.If you’ve ever wondered how the experts load up their web sites so quickly, then today is your lucky day…I’m about to show you their top 5 secret resources…Act on this information now and you’ll have quality content published before dinner time, guaranteed!==> Secret Resource #1: RSS FeedsRSS Feeds are the hot commodity on the web right now. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and describes a technology that allows web sites to syndicate, or distribute, their content among other sites.Maybe you’re already familiar with news syndication sources like Reuters and the Associated Press? RSS parallels this concept and brings it online.Content syndication provides an ideal solution for the cost and time conscious internet marketer. You can load your site with relevant business and marketing articles and reap significant rewards.Syndicated articles attract the search engines to your site in two important ways. The first and most obvious fact is that more content and more keywords = better rankings, period. Second, you boost the value of your incoming and outgoing links – a very important element in the eyes of Google’s page rank algorithm.If you’re totally new to RSS, then visit the following two sites to brush up on your knowledge. They will educate you a bit more on how RSS works and what you need to do to implement it on your site:MNot RSS Tutorial: Pro News:’s a starter list of marketing related feeds available for instant syndication:Shelley Lowery’s Web Source.Net: Web Syndicated Content: Engine Watch News Feed: are plenty of other resources out there. Spend some quality time surfing your favorite marketing sites and see if they have syndication available.If you want to exploit RSS quickly and easily and get the most benefits out of the technology without taking forever, then you’d find these extremely useful:RSS Equalizer: RSS:> Secret Resource #2: Static Article Syndication SitesOne of the tried and true methods for building a name online is to write and publish your own articles. Thousands of writers submit articles each day to article syndication sites.The trade off is simple: web site and e-zine publishers are granted permission to re-print these articles as long as they remain unchanged from the original and the writer’s by-line is kept intact. The publisher wins by getting free content, and the writer wins whenever someone newsees their by-line and clicks on their URL.Here are some of the top sources for finding free, re-printable articles:First in Articles: Words: Marketers: Position Newsletter: should get you off to a good start. If you need more resources, just do a search on “reprint articles” in your favorite search engine or download a copy of the Alexa toolbar and scout out the related links that pop up for each site you visit.And if you desire to create your own articles for traffic and profit, check this amazingly good resource out:> Secret Resource #3: Paying for Premium ContentYou know the saying, “You get what you pay for”. By far, the most comprehensive database of premium marketing and business content comes from this one source:Marketing Sherpa: is divided into two specialty libraries: the Case Studies Library and the Practical Marketing Knowledge Library. The Case Studies Library profiles both large and mid-sized businesses and dives into marketing experiments on such topics as email marketing, business-to-business marketing, branding, subscriber base conversion and a whole lot more.The Practical Marketing Knowledge library features over 250 articles and interviews with experts sharing step-by-step marketing plans.If you would like to license Marketing Sherpa content for re-distribution, you’ll need to contact OSKAR Consulting courtesy of Elizabeth Karolczak. She can be reached via email at, or via telephone at 1.650.625.1780. If she’s unavailable, simply ask to speak with an Electronic Licensing Representative.==> Secret Resource #4: Hire a Ghost WriterWhen you hire a ghostwriter, or freelancer, you can have custom content created for your site. Your writer will pump out articles on any topic you specify and you get to put your name on the finished product!The best way to hire a writer is to bid for his or her services. This allows you to negotiate the best deal for your budget if expense is an issue.Here’s where to find and hire ghostwriters: discover the real secrets to getting tons of ghostwriters begging you to take their content, go to:> Secret Resource #5: Your Own Web Visitors and Ezine SubscribersWhat better way to generate content and develop a sense of community among your visitors than having them contribute to your site or ezine?One shining example of this tactic in action comes from my friend, Willie Crawford, owner of The site focuses on southern cooking recipes, but this tactic should work for internet marketing based sites as well.Each week, Willie’s ezine subscribers submit dozens of recipes. He takes the best of the best and highlights them in each issue of the newsletter. You could do the same by soliciting your subscribers for articles, tips, product recommendations or even case studies on their own marketing efforts.You simply edit the content for style, grammar and length, then toss a few of your own comments to add some flow to the presentation. This takes a minimal amount of effort and you produce a great publication that people want to read because they get to see themselves in print.These 5 secret sources represent just the tip of the iceberg.Content is plentiful if you know where to look. The best part is that it takes about half the time and effort to track down quality sources as it does to produce the content all on your own, meaning….…Be a smart marketer and outsource

Thursday, September 6, 2007


(C) Copyright Ewen Chia,
There's hope for the 'little guys' in the search engine ranking game, even if they can't tell the difference between the title and keyword meta tag.
You can achieve high rankings for important keywords simply by applying certain rules that stand the test of time and even technology...and the number one rule is really to......Help the search engines provide relevant search results!
How do you do this? I'll reveal the 'secrets' soon...
While I'm far from being an SEO (Search EngineOptimization) expert and am just sharing experiences here, I've achieved some phenomenal results by following these basic rules and without resorting to'tricks'.
Importantly, these are rankings that last.
- side note -
I'm not suggesting you shouldn't learn about SEO oruse genuine software that helps, in fact you should. To learn about SEO, some sites you can check out: shows you how toconstruct your webpages and submit them to hundredsof search engines and directories absolutely FREE. everything youneed to know related to search engines.
For software to facilitate your website positioning, this one's the best:
- end side note -
Recall the number one rule? It's to help the search engines provide relevant search results.
Now I honestly believe there are only two MAIN things which support this rule and in the process, reward your website with the high rankings you desire. These two things are Keyword Rich Content and Targeted Back Links which we'll talk about later...
Here then are 7 powerful secrets you can use to model your website after to explode your high search engine rankings!
Step 1: Determine Highly Searched Keywords
Determine highly searched and targeted keywords/keyword phrases related to your site and put them into a list. Here're the tools to use: : compares results of keyword searches from Overtureand Wordtracker and displays them side by side. : allows you to find relevant hot keywords with a single click. Very cool and useful. : excellent software to find targeted keywords in Overture and variousother engines.
Step 2: Register Keyword Rich Domain Names
While there've been contrasting arguments about whether having keywords in your domain helps, I strongly feel it does. The same goes for dashes between words in the domain. Use these to source for domain name ideas:,
You can also register your domains for a low cost per year here:,
Step 3: Use Your Targeted Keywords In Your Copy
Use the list of keywords in step 1 within your website copy, especially in the title, headline and first paragraph. The important thing is to make them flow smoothly within the context of the copy so prospects will not find it weird.
Step 4: Insert Keyword Rich Relevant Content
Next, build up your site's content with relevant topics containing your keywords. Don't worry, here are some ways to get instant content:
Posting suitable articles that contain your keywords.
These can either be your own or from article directories like,/ or
Posting newsletter issues in an archive online if you write any
Do reviews and commentaries on related products and services in your market as content
Step 5: Aggressively Acquire Targeted Back Links
This is the second most important (some say it's the first) factor to note after targeted and relevant content.Get as many good quality incoming links from other sites as you can, believe me, this will really make a huge difference to your rankings.
These links should come from sites in your market and preferably those with high PageRanks of 5 and above.
Use to search for sites with top rankings in Google for your specified keyword/keyword phrases. It also reveals their individual PageRanks next to their listings.
An excellent resource to check PageRank can also be found at as it also shows Alexa traffic ranking for any site. This is very useful for seeking high traffic link partners.
If you are looking for mind-blowing linking strategies and tricks, the best guide I've ever seen must be"Power Linking 2: Evolution" at
Step 6: Hand Submit Your Site To The Top Directories and Search Engines
There's no point in using those 'submit to millions' services as only a few search engines really matter. Using those services may actually cause your site to be penalized by these major engines.
In fact if you've done enough important reciprocal linkings, you don't even need to submit your sites as spiders which crawl your link partner sites (already indexed) will pick up your link easily.
However, if you must submit, do it by hand at these directories and search engines:
Ask Jeeves:, LookSmart/Zeal:, Mama:, Open Directory:, Google:, Yahoo:, All The Web:, Inktomi:
7: Tune Your Site For Maximum Optimization
The final step would be to constantly monitor and analyze your website traffic against rankings. This is so you can review and tweak for further improvement in your rankings.
I hope this article will prove highly useful to you. Do not be scare away by SEO, it's simple once you follow the above system. While these steps are not everything you can do, it'll be enough to get your site ranked very well for the targeted keywords you chose.
Again, remember the number one rule of giving relevant content and establishing good back links. Help the search engines provide relevant results for their customers and your rankings will automatically skyrocket to the top.About The Author:Discover Ewen Chia’s Secret Affiliate WeaponTo Force Avalanches Of Instant Cash Into YourBank Account Fast…Even If You Don't HaveA List, Website Or Product! Click Here Now:>>>