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Sunday, September 16, 2007

"5 Secret Strategies For Massive Affiliate Success"

Would you want a simple way to make money like crazy, using other people's time, expertise and effort?
If you do, tap onto an online income strategy commonly known as affiliate marketing. It’s where you can reap constant profits without your own product, and without even being an expert in the market you’re promoting to.
However as ideal as affiliate marketing is as a money generating strategy, most affiliates are doing it all wrong. This leads to most of them not making a good enough income to justify belief and motivation.
As a top affiliate marketer, I’ve gone through these same mistakes when I first started out. Here’re some of the RIGHT things to do if you want to sell more affiliate products and become a power (or super) affiliate!
Apply these 5 secret strategies to power-charge your affiliate marketing business and put it on the right track to success. These are especially crucial if you’ve wandered off track unknowingly…
(1) Zoom Right Into The "Hot Zones"
You can’t sell to everybody. Success comes when you’re able to identify and pinpoint the correct market with the purchasing power. Seek a targeted group of people who already wants to buy, and align this to your interest and passion.
Spot these ‘hot zones’ out and sell to them. Simply put, the solution is to zoom into mini markets within the general main market. This is an idea similar to niche marketing except what you want are - sub-niches.
Use a tool like to fire in on the ‘hot zones’ or sub-niches in the market. Look for people who are already looking for products to solve their problems by using qualifiers like ‘learn’, ‘buy’ and ‘find’.
For example, wouldn’t a big market like golfers has ‘hot zones’ like people who are specifically looking for used golf clubs? Do they have the money to buy? Another excellent resource I can think of is AdWord Analyzer which really drills into the heart of these ‘hot zones’. You can find it at
(2) Create Multiple Small Lists To Serve Your "Hot Zones"
All super or power affiliate has his/her own opt-in lists. Marketing to your own lists is like having the power to print money on demand anytime you want.
What I’m saying is: you need to have your own lists.
The trick here again is to build super-segmented lists serving different groups of people who are willing to spend. The more targeted the lists, the more affiliate sales you’ll make.
Here’s a site of mine using this principle in action:
(3) Promote Key-Focused Programs
Similarly you can't promote every program. Power affiliates know how to seek out the best programs, and focused on promoting these key programs.
Create a portfolio of affiliate programs you can depend on. Base your selection process on their product quality, conversion rate, commission structure and reputation (to name a few). Promote these same products repetitively and you’ll get results.
Why? Both you and your prospects will get to know the products better.
One word of advice is to promote only quality products you’ve reviewed or used yourself as nothing’s worth a quick buck if you lose your credibility.
(4) Understanding The Sales Psychology
This is where most affiliates totally miss out on. Have you asked yourself why people buy things? This is crucial, even if you’re marketing to your own lists.
You need to understand the sales psychology behind human behaviours, you need to know your ‘hot zones’ and how to wow your customers. People buy because they need to solve specific problems, fill their wants or experience a emotional ride.
What problems or needs does your market has you can fulfill? Why is this important? Know which hot buttons to press and you can create killer copy to effortlessly sell tons of products, whether by webpage or e-mail.
If you’re a ‘bad’ copywriter and need a system to create winning copy, here’s one tool that can make it much quicker and easier for you
(5) Go for recurring commissions
Effectively leverage your promotions by earning multiple streams of recurring commissions from one-time efforts. Meaning choose to get paid every month even if you stop promoting a particular program. These recurring profits can then be re-invested back into your business for further growth.
Your focus should be on residual affiliate products and services such as:
Internet marketing solutions:
Lead generation :
It’s easy to earn massive affiliate income if you know what to do. Use these 5 secret strategies to kick start your affiliate marketing business into success immediately!

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