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Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Is Your Dog Selling eBooks Too?"

Just the other day, I stumbled across a website selling ebooks about pet food - it was set up by Spike, a Bull Dog...
Just kidding...but it does seem that everyone is jumping, or had jumped on the 'ebook bandwagon' these days.
No doubt, the online ebook business IS highly profitable, if done right. Selling quality info-products is somewhat the perfect hands-free business, as everything from order to delivery to follow up can be automated on the internet. Imagine making money on autopilot while you're on holiday.
But how do you survive and ensure you make a decent profit from your ebook business? Saying that the competition is HUGE is an understatement, even Spike's doing it!
Here is the "DEP formula" you can implement immediately to make more profits, and win the ebook war:

1. (D)ifferentiate
If you're selling your own ebooks which you authored, you have the best differentiation as there're no direct competition. But if you're reselling others' ebooks, you NEED to create a Differentiation Strategy.
You've got to have your own niche among the crowdedmarketplace. Some ways to do so include :
Unique website
Create your own website to resell and presell instead of using the common template, this is like a breath of fresh air for your potential customers. This technique can also be used in other areas beside ebook marketing. For example, create a special mini-site to promote your favourite affiliate programs while providing good content.
This differentiates you from the common pack. I do this successfully at
Give extra incentives above the normal package to entice prospects away from competitors. Incentives can be in many forms, for example, extra gifts, customer support, free memberships, extended guarantee period, etc. Please however ensure that the incentives you give will not flout any copyright guidelines.
I've used this concept many times to outsell and out-compete other major affiliates. Here's a f'ree report showing how it can be very effective:

2. (E)ducate
People hate to be sold to, this is a universal fact. The assumption is that people are afraid of committing or making the wrong decision.
But when you educate them instead, they will be influenced into making the decision You want -BY THEMSELVES. They then KNOW WHY they need the product in question.
Truth is, this method of "preselling" is very successful, and has the added benefit of building trust and credibility. As mentioned, providing good content, ecourses and advice are good examples of this principle. The approach is to weave in your offers 'discreetly', much like charming your prospects while SOFTSELLING your products to them.

3. (P)opulate
Populate Your website or product virally. Who says youcan't create your own affiliate program out of other people's products? There are many affiliate programs on the web that are set up by resellers. They took the initiative of recruiting affiliates to help them sell other people's products, think about that. It's sort of your personal '2-tier' program.
How do you do this? 3 steps is all it take:
Set up your own website of reseller products
Sign up with, they provide an automated built-in affiliate program solution.
Recruit affiliates
When they sell, ClickBank will pay them the amount of commission as decided by you.
Apply the above "DEP Formula" to your ebook business and I guarantee your profits will improve! In fact, as I pointed out earlier, this formula will work for just about any products, not only ebooks.
Got to go then, it's time to feed Spike.

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