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Friday, October 26, 2007

"How To Explode Your Affiliate Commissions With Your Own Products"

Want a surefire formula you can use again and again to induce more profits as an affiliate?It's simple, create your own unique products.The cat's out of the bag, but it's nothing secretive. Most if not all successful internet marketers have their own products. Start developing your own products now if you have not, it's easy once you START and the benefits are tremendous.Frankly, it doesn't matter whether you're selling or giving your products away. The important thing's to make it so desirable that people literally CRAVE for it.Besides generating credibility and branding, having your own product is a no-brainer way to increase YOUR affiliate earnings EASILY.Here're 3 easy methods on how you can use your own products as tools to explode your affiliate commissions!1. Irresistible BribeThis works wonders IF you've got a paying product thatappeals strongly to your target market.Using this method, it's easy to convert potential customers (who have not decided) into paying customers via autoresponder follow-up or an exit pop-up. What you do is offer an "irresistible bribe" to these people.Offer them a simple way to get your product FREE, simply by buying another related product you're promoting. This is a superb deal for your customer, and everyone wins. Notice that in effect, your product becomes the "bribe" or "bonus" for your affiliate products here.2. Bundled SalesSimilar to the above method, except that in this instance, they get to buy your a heavily discount price.For example, let's say the customer has to fork out $97 for your product initially. On the order page, give them an ALTERNATIVE to buy it at $47 instead. Now this will really intrigue and interest the customer, and he or she will click for more information. Here's where you push your affiliate product.Again, it's a winning solution for your customer if what you're promoting is a quality product, and he or she will recognize it as such.3. Backend SalesHere's why having your own free or paid product is so important. You get to promote affiliate programs on the backend very effectively. Now there are 2 ways to go about this:"Download Page" methodLet prospects download your free product from a special 'download page' after you've captured their email addresses for follow-up.Promote relevant affiliate products on this 'download page', and through follow-up emails. It'll be much more effective too if you can negotiate genuine discounts for them here."Cloaking" methodMany internet marketers are using this technique successfully. Cloaked in content and education, your product can become an affiliate marketing machine. It's where you can actively PRESELL affiliate programs.Remember that by having downloaded your product in the first place, the prospect has already "opened" his or her mind to you. You can also enhance your results exponentially by tagging powerful viral marketing features to your products. This can be in the form of resell rights, giveaway rights or rebranding rights.I hope you got some good ideas out of this to make some serious cash with your affiliate programs. The formula here entails creation of your own products, and if you truly want to be more successful online, you'll can't go wrong with this.Truth is, it's what you NEED to do.An 'instant' way of creating products without effort is by using public domain information. You'll find Yanik Silver's secrets to profiting with public domain quickly very rewarding :'s wishing you massive affiliate profits!

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